Welcome to Brenda's Rooibos Store Canada

Hello! Welcome to Brenda's Rooibos Store! I am so glad you are here.

Quite a few moons ago now, I worked with a life coach to determine my personal mission statement. And it was this:
"I am a catalyst. I am passionate about helping women move forward in life with words of encouragement and by instilling confidence."

And I would love to do that for you!

Not because I have it all together, but rather, because I have struggled with confidence and self-esteem too and I know what it is to shrink into the shadows and fade into the background.

Perhaps you are already that confident woman with a deep sense of self. Congratulations! I suspect it was a journey for you to arrive at that place, but arrive you did. Hurrah! You should be celebrated.

Whatever your story, I am glad that you are here.

Stories that stir my heart and inspire me in my business are ones where women tell me what the Annique products mean to them.

I smile when I get a note from another expat describing the 'flip-flops of joy in her heart' to see her Annique products waiting for her when she arrives home from work. When you have given up almost everything to start a new life in a distant country, it is reassuring to know that the skincare line you knew and trusted in South Africa is also available in Canada and the USA.

My heart sings when I receive a note from a woman, recovering from the effects of chemotherapy, who writes to tell me that the Annique products are doing the trick. The dry patches on her skin are healing and now 'people keep telling me how good my skin looks!'

And I have a deep sense of satisfaction when yet another woman thanks me for having my online store because it has been a real blessing to her: 'It has helped me regain my self-confidence; I am loving my skin all over again.'

The Annique products are my catalyst to helping women feel confident in their skin. And so is my website. Here I share information about the products, what I love about them, and also my story about how I came to be confident in my skin. I’d love to share your stories too, if you would allow me. So when you come shopping at Brenda’s Rooibos Store, don’t forget to bring your cup of Rooibos tea with you (or coffee if you prefer) and stay a while. Let’s get to know each other more.

But if you only have time to dash in, place your order and dash out, that’s fine too – just be yourself. No make-up or pretense required.

Tot weer siens, hamba kahle!