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An indigenous plant to South Africa, Rooibos is harvested for tea, skin care and health products. Rich in anti-oxidants and minerals, its health-adding benefits have been confirmed by the research of many scientists throughout the world.

Rooibos tea is a naturally soothing drink, sweet in taste, naturally caffeine free, and low in tannin. It is enjoyed both hot, cold and iced.

Annique Rooibos Products was established in 1971 in South Africa by its founder, Dr Annique Theron. Since then, the company has developed an extensive skin and health care range of products based on the unique qualities of the Rooibos plant.

Brenda's Rooibos Store, based in Vancouver, Canada, is an online store that sells Annique Rooibos teas and Annique skin care products which contain an exclusive Rooibos extract. With almost 50 Annique products to choose from, Brenda's Rooibos Store has quality products for your skin.

Shipping is Ca$ 10.00 for orders over Ca$ 100.00 and Ca$ 15.00 for orders under Ca$ 100.00.

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